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Combine Harvesters, also called combines, are farm machines or equipment that are used to easily harvest grains and other crops. The main work of the harvester is to effectively reap, thresh, gather and winnow harvested crops, all in a single process. The name – combine harvester was coined from the multi-faceted functions the machine can undertake.

The machine allows for easy retrieval of grains from crops using a complex and convenient process. It reduces farm production time and increases farm productivity as well as increases farmer’s revenue by ensuring a smooth and easy harvest.

Some crops that can be harvested with combine harvesters are;

1.         Corn

The corn harvester is used in harvesting corn. The combine can rip the ears of corn off of the plant and spit out the unwanted materials and retain the corn kernels. The kernels are stored in the machines and the rest of the corn plants (and any additional weeds) remain in the field.

Once the combine is full of kernels, it goes to the trailers on the field to offload the kernels. The harvested corn is processed for human consumption and a harvester can be used to process different types of corn including white and yellow corn

2.         Rice

A combine harvester such as the FM World combine harvester is used for the harvesting of rice, wheat, and other types of grains. The combined harvester can complete the process of rice harvesting from harvesting, threshing, and grain cleaning. This makes for easy harvesting of rice for the farmers.

3.         Soybeans

The Soybean combine harvester is used solely for soybean harvesting. The machine can take over the time consuming and stressful process. Soybean harvesting includes the processes of reaping, threshing and cleaning. The cutter cuts the soybeans, and the harvester drives through the field collecting the soybeans with the rotating reel.

The soybeans are then transferred into the threshing cylinder where they are separated from the plants and finally, they are cleaned thoroughly with an air blower.

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