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Nigerian farmers today have more affinity towards the adoption of mechanization than a decade ago, so much so that they now have tractor brands they hold dear to their hearts. Nigeria, like many other countries, is an agriculture-savvy place where a large percentage of the population is involved in farming. There’s been a higher demand and awareness for mechanization services and equipment in the country, especially as our population growth and demand for food maintain an upward trajectory with current food production struggling to meet up.

Based on our field studies, there are 3 main brands of tractors that Nigerian farmers and agro-allied companies often gravitate towards. These tractor brands are also in high demand as a result.

Our shameless plug here is that we, Origin Automobile Works, luckily carry and sell two out of the three most popular tractor brands in Nigeria.

Let’s take a look at the brands:


Massey Ferguson tractors are widespread and well respected globally. They rank among the best tractor sellers in the world and they are known for their high-quality tractors and durability. They have a sleek design and strong body which ensures longevity in use. The brand is famous for ensuring innovation in agricultural technology and machinery and making it accessible to farmers across the world.

A large number of Massey Ferguson tractor distributors are available in Nigeria but what distinguishes us is our after-sales maintenance services and support. We provide round-the-clock support and maintenance for every purchase to ensure the machine functions at its optimal level.

2.         JOHN DEERE

John Deere have been in the business of producing top notch tractors since 1837. Originally, it began with the plough manufacturing business before moving into tractors. They are known for producing heavy-duty tractors, combine harvesters as well as engines. These farming machines make a huge contribution to the modernization of agricultural operations around the world. The brand is available to many nations, Nigeria inclusive.

They have different ranges of tractors from specialty to utility tractors.


This is a favorite of ours. Case Tractors are built for power and fuel efficiency, which makes it perfect for the Nigerian landscape. The brand offers a full range of agriculture and farm tractors for activities such as planting, landscaping, loading, and more. They offer a variety of tractors like compact tractors, mid-size tractors, utility tractors, multi-purpose tractors, and high-horsepower tractors. These tractors are grouped into families such as Farmall, Maxxum, Puma, Magnum, and Steiger and they are a testament to Case IH’s proud heritage of delivering efficient and powerful tractors to customers around the world.

We specifically sell the Case JX75 range of tractors which are available at our head office in Kaduna.

In general, tractors offer a lot of benefits to farmers. Apart from increasing productivity levels and cutting out use of manual labour and muscle power, some added advantages of a tractor include:

• Easy use and maintenance: tractor operations are not stringent and complicated hence it can be operated by local farmers in Nigeria.

• Ability to take on Multiple functions: tractors can multitask which makes far activities faster, more efficient and more productive.

• High Performance: tractors are guaranteed to serve the activities of the farm to the best of its capacity

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