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Now you have decided to test the waters for a tractor. You have abandoned the old ways of toiling hard with crude tools to get little results, and are now willing to join the league of modern farmers. Now you are thinking, “Which brand of tractor should I buy?” Maybe you have determined which brand you are going to buy, you may be thinking also, “what specific model should I put my money on?” Here’s a guide on how to choose the right tractor for you.

For modern farms, having access to a good tractor is central to successful farming. Because it can be coupled with other implements, it is crucial to the success of different farm operations such as planting, cultivating, fertilization, and harvesting. A tractor is a long-term investment, you don’t want to buy a tractor that starts developing faults after 3 years. If you are not experienced in buying tractors, you may end up with a machine not suitable for your needs or a sub-par product.

When you’re ready to buy one, feel free to come check out our inventory, right here in Surulere, Lagos. Or you could request an online brochure. In the meantime, here are things to consider before buying a tractor:

Which Implements will you Use?

When you go to buy a tractor, you definitely had certain farm operations in mind you wanted to achieve with the tractor. Knowing the farm operations you need to accomplish now begs the question of implements. It is important to consider which implements you want to couple with the tractor because not all tractors are compatible with all accessories.

To determine whether the tractor you have in view is the right one, you need to consider the Power Take Off shaft, the drawbar and the hydraulic pump. You want to make sure that those parts of your tractor are compatible with the implements you plan as accessories.

Consider your Farm

This is a point many do not give much thought to. While knowing the implements you want to accessorize with, you also need to consider the farmland you want to choose from. The size of your farmland matters. The soil texture is important to consider too. If you have a large land to till, for example 50 hectares, you don’t want to purchase a smaller equipment.  If you have large trees on your farmland, the farm machine you go for must reflect this. Considering your farmland means you won’t spend too much time and undue energy with sub-par equipment.

Consider the Engine Power

For most tractors, you need to consider the engine power, even before other factors. Especially for Nigerian lands, you don’t just want a fast tractor. You want one that can stand the test of time. For Nigerian farmlands, especially those that have not been tractorized before, you want to prioritize an high-performance tractor with decent horsepower.

Consider the Manufacturer

After you have determined the spec of the tractor that suits you, you need to put  the brand name you are buying into consideration. While the options for specifications are narrow, the options for tractor brands are many. Some known brands have a track record of serving farmers all over the world with efficient tractors and farm machines. Some of these name brands have produced generations of tractors and farm implements. 

Origin Automobile Works has a range of high-performance tractors from reputable brands such as Case IH, Goldena, Massey Ferguson, Deutz Fahr, Kuhn, and Baldan. While deciding on an agricultural engineering brand to buy from, don’t go looking for a cheap product. At times, the higher price is what you pay for the good quality you get.

Are you deciding on a tractor to get for your farm? Let’s guide you. Talk to us:

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