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The acknowledgment of agricultural mechanization in Nigeria as well as its benefits in carrying out farming operations has risen greatly over the years, and it continues to rise. Agricultural companies and even local farmers are exploring to acquire the necessary skills and technology needed to improve their farming activities and output. The use of Agricultural Tech has caused a rapid turnaround in farming techniques and output for farmers. This has put the nation’s agricultural sector in the race alongside other nations and has also made her visible to foreign investors and organizations.

To further foster agricultural mechanization revival in Nigeria, we partnered with FM World Group as they both embarked on a training project for combined harvester operators at our Regional office in Kaduna. This was to enable and equip the trainees with the necessary skills to ensure they become efficient harvester operators who could perform in-depth maintenance of the combine harvester.

The trainees were involved in strategic practical sessions that proved to be very impactful and insightful.

The Maize Association of Nigeria (MAAN) and the Tractor Owners Operators Association of Nigeria (TOOAN) were the benefactors of this workshop. Northern Nigeria being recognized as having the highest percentage of farming operations in the country was the location base of the training and all were made available.

After the training exercise, our Training Manager Mr. Yinka had this to say, “It was a successful training engagement, MAAN and TOOAN are our strategic partners, and we supply them with various farm implements and machines. A total of 33 operators sent by these partners were trained on the use of a combine harvester, making our brand of harvesters accessible to operators in all states of the federation as these 33 trainees represented various states in the country.”

“The participants were excited, and each of them confidently operated the equipment. They were empowered to perform basic maintenance and only to depend on our team in cases of major repairs, our participants were also allowed to interact with our after-sales team which consisted of technicians who were on the ground to ensure adequate support was made available by interacting with the operators cordially and answering common questions the operators might have.”

Mr. Yinka ended his statement with this “expectations were met”

This impact of this training provides an added benefit to the improvement of agricultural activities. The sensitization of farmers, operators, or farmhands on the importance and the use of modern farming equipment would not only make farming activities easier but would also increase the level of output gotten. It’s expedient that modern tools of farming be introduced into the agricultural scene.

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Awesome Works

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