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A tractor is a type of utility vehicle used mainly in the agricultural industry. They’re popular for farming thanks to their high power at low rev, allowing operators to pull along large attachments without damaging soil or crops. It resembles a small truck, generally with smaller front wheels and larger back wheels. These larger rear wheels provide a bigger surface area and better grip, allowing the tractor to pull heavier implements behind it. Tractors generally have 4 wheels, however there are models that have 6 wheels to provide even greater traction and pulling power.

While older powered tractors used portable steam engines, modern tractors use combustion engines, usually powered by diesel fuel. As tractors get larger in size, their horsepower and breakout force also increases. Smaller tractors make a good choice for hobby farmers or small acreage properties, and large tractors are more better suited for hauling implements for crop preparation, propagation and harvesting.


Tractors are primarily used on farms and agricultural projects to operate a variety of attachments. Thanks to these many different attachments, the tractor is a highly versatile machine that can dig, sow, trench, clear land, grade and much more. This makes it incredibly useful for farming purposes where land preparation, propagation and harvesting requires powerful machines that won’t damage the soil underneath.  


The sturdy old tractor has improved in leaps and bounds when it comes to tech, with many brands starting to incorporate smart technology into new models. Some improvements are added to the tractors themselves, which improve tracking information and ease of operation, while other improvements are added to the attachments, such as these sprayers.

Other tractor technologies include automation, data sharing, project planning and tracking, anti-dive functionalities, suspended axle technology and much  more.

Choosing the Right Tractor

Which tractor should you buy? This is the age-old question but the answer really comes down to one main specification requirement: How much power do you need? This buyer’s guide to finding the right utility tractor will also give you a good overview.

Understanding how much basic power you require for your project and ongoing needs is vital, but there is much more to it than that. Once you’ve narrowed down your power range requirements, you’ll have a clearer picture of the tractor size necessary for the job.   

When choosing a tractor, the main things you’ll want to know first are:

  • The primary applications the tractor will be used for
  • The type of implements or attachments required
  • The landscape or terrain of the site
  • How you will transport it to/from the site.

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